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10oz Natural Honeycomb


Product Info

The unique process in which this honeycomb is delivered to your tastebuds makes for the purest and most delicious honey on the market. Cultivated directly from the source, the honey bees create their beautiful comb inside the 10oz cassette. This product is absolutely never touched by human hands and is 100% pure. The natural beeswax, comb, and honey are all edible and work wonderfully by the spoonful, spread on your favorite breads, or enjoyed with sharp cheeses.

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Packaged directly from the hive, our 10oz natural honeycomb is truly the pureset form of honey available. This product is unfiltered and is never touched by human hands. Honey bees build their comb directly in the cassette from which you'll enjoy this magnificent product. 

All products are shipped with USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes. Shipping costs vary by order size and are calculated at checkout. Free shipping for orders of six or more products! No refunds. No returns.

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