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Herman is passionate about his process and product, and wants to share his expertise with beekeepers worldwide. 

The below resources are useful for beekeepers of all skill levels. Explore further to see Herman's bees in action, learn about his processes, and access additional products and information.


Beekeeper Information

Bee Illustration

video vault

Learn about Herman's unique process for honeycomb production.
A thing of beauty, this process ensures the honeycomb is never filtered or touched by human hands.

Follow along step-by-step as Herman showcases an extraordinary honey crop. In this video, you'll see honey bees in action creating a beautiful comb.

Learn how Herman uses the Hogg Comb kit to harvest his pure and unfiltered cassette honey.

Learn about the Juniper Hill Split method for producing Hogg Half Comb.

cassettes & beekeeping

Danenhower Apiaries works with Betterbee to supply the cassettes in which honey bees create their unique comb, in addition to other supplies.

Despite having no referral affiliation with Betterbee, Herman recommends their products and resources for all beekeepers.

For large orders, please contact Herman by phone at 610-248-7197 or email at

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